Syllabus - 3rd Semester - Logic Design LAB - Subject Code - 06ESL338

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Syllabus - 3rd Semester - Logic Design LAB - Subject Code - 06ESL338

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Logic Design LAB

1. Simplification, realization of Boolean expressions using logic gates/Universal gates.
2. Realization of Half/Full adder and Half/Full Subtractors using logic gates.
3. (i) Realization of parallel adder/Subtractors using 7483 chip
(ii) BCD to Excess-3 code conversion and vice versa.
4. Realization of Binary to Gray code conversion and vice versa
5. MUX/DEMUX – use of 74153, 74139 for arithmetic circuits and code converter.
6. Realization of One/Two bit comparator and study of 7485 magnitude comparator.
7. Use of a) Decoder chip to drive LED display and b) Priority encoder.
8. Truth table verification of Flip-Flops: (i) JK Master slave (ii) T type and (iii) D type.
9. Realization of 3 bit counters as a sequential circuit and MOD – N counter design (7476, 7490, 74192, 74193).
10. Shift left; Shift right, SIPO, SISO, PISO, PIPO operations using 74S95.
11. Wiring and testing Ring counter/Johnson counter.
12. Wiring and testing of Sequence generator.


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